No Seminar Program has Resulted in More Successful Entertainment Projects

Remarkable Parties and Group Events

Past, present and future 

By Frank Price, founder of Birthday University

This program is offered following the conclusion of Foundations Entertainment University from 1pm to 5:30pm on Thursday for an additional fee of only $10. ($59 value)

Remarkable Parties and Group Events

Discover the ingredients of a profitable party and events program.  It’s not rocket science, but many never figure it out. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference between a unique party and group events offering and one that gets lost in the blend of the competition. 

Frank Price, founder of Birthday University, will lend you his 18 years of experience to help make your commercial party and group event business unique and profitable.  We'll look back at what worked, what has not, what's working and what's not, as well as a look into the future at what it will take to become or remain the program of choice.   Become part of the small, elite club that has their own unique party concept that eliminates parent’s frustration, while making the birthday child feel special and creating memorable fun for all involved.


History teaches.  What We’ve Learned From The Past?

  • Pioneer or Settler, which are you?
  • History Teaches
    • Copy Cat Concepts do not work.
    • Novelty effect; be careful not to get fooled.
    • Change; you hate it, but it’s critical.
    • Variety; you’ll need it.
    • Are you really unique? Becoming “Purple”.

What’s Working, What’s Not and Why!

  • What’s Working
  • What’s Not

Party Packaging and Pricing for Profit

  • Get over the FEAR.  Charge what you’re worth from the get go.
  • Party packages that

Groups and Special Events

  • Have you thought of all the possibilities?
  • Memorable Events - More than Eat-Drink & Play
  • Social Entertainment
  • The way you do groups, it makes you unique.